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Need help making a decision?

Precision Decision can help you make a decision OR validate a decision you have already made!

This tool is intended to:

  • Simplify the complexity of making a decision
  • Provide a step-by-step process
  • Help you consider important criteria impacting your outcome
  • Help you weigh the choices systematically

Need help making a decision?

What people are saying about Precision Decision...


If you've ever struggled with making a decision, this is a tool to help you take control of the process. So excited about this app!

Pam Aberdeen, SD

Helpful tool

The Precision Decision application is a very helpful tool. It gave me an objective view of the choices I had and was really thought provocative.

Dave Bismark, ND

Fun application!

My husband and I seem to disagree about everything, so making major decisions can be a challenge. Precision Decision took some of the emotion out of the process - and even made it fun.

Nicole Burnsville, MN